Last Updated: June 2018

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The purpose of this document is to outline the principles, practices and policies Braveart upholds in delivering the highest standards of editorial integrity to our customers. As an editorial content provider, we recognize, respect and adhere to the ethical conduct acknowledged by both our industry and our peers. Braveart strives to achieve and support the high standards in photojournalism today through good judgment and a commitment to our editorial principles, practices and process.

Our Principles

We adhere to a common set of professional journalistic principles that guide our staff, our processes and our operations. We maintain an individual and collective responsibility to uphold these principles throughout our organization.


Integrity is a founding principle of our organization. We believe in maintaining the balance of an individual’s right to dignity and privacy with our obligation to cover the story accurately, fairly and with balance. We further believe that rights to dignity and privacy of vulnerable persons or groups such as (but not limited to) children or victims of harmful or inappropriate conduct should enjoy elevated and appropriate levels of protection to acknowledge the special susceptibilities of such vulnerable persons or groups and we will not allow or facilitate the exploitation of such susceptibilities. Our commitment to integrity is reflected throughout our editorial workflow and our fair and unbiased coverage of Namibian events and stories.


We believe in the powerful visual communication of photographs and therefore we require an equal level of accountability, accuracy, impartiality, integrity and responsibility and integrity as the written word in journalism.


Only our staff have control over the photojournalism process. No staff member will let their personal opinions influence the coverage of stories or events, nor shall a third party be allowed to dictate or influence our editorial process.

Our Practices

We have instituted clear and non-ambiguous practices to uphold our core principles. These practices comprise our code of conduct that is expected of all photographers, contributors and partners of Braveart.