We are lovingly calling it our Magazine page.

Because of YOU! It is the logical next step. We started this page is to share creative information both from BraveArts side but also about the creative industry as a whole.

There are so many areas that you can benefit as a creative and as a buyer within BraveArt, and we need to let you know. The blog is our area to inform in one space that you can always refer back to as needed and that you can enjoy article by article.

We want to inform, share, inspire and educate.

BraveArt is your platform to get your work out, share your profile and make money. Also, for buyers to design, create and produce stunning work using the contributors’ uploads.

We realized the need to communicate in a broader spectrum and on a more regular basis.

Our Magazine page is where we will be talking with you. And we are SUPER EXCITED!

Any suggestions on post ideas, please let us know at

BE BRAVE and Create!
Talk soon!