Tips & Trends

Images that look at the economy, social behaviour and landscapes are always sought after. Besides basic photographic rules/guidelines you can also keep the following in mind:

  • Lose the Clutter. When you frame your shot, make sure that your subject stands out, and nothing else is distracting the viewer from the issue.
  • Shoot on the lowest ISO possible to avoid digital noise and graininess on your images.
  • Zoom in to 100% to make sure the image is crystal sharp, and the focus is on the exact right place.
  • Think Like the end user
  • Stock photography is used in advertising. That means
  • advertisers might want a room on the side of a subject to add text or be unhappy if there’s another brand name featured in the shot
  • Take the same photo from a few different angles and with a few variations.

Advertisers will often need large-quality versions of your artwork so they can edit them and use them as they need to. Be sure to take your photos at the most significant resolution possible.

Things to photograph for Braveart that might sell

  • Home Furnishings and Fashion.
  • Technology.
  • Demographics. What is changing about ethnic and cultural diversity?
  • The Calendar. What is the anticipated news, social, and cultural events that will be coming up in the next year or two?
  • Your Street, Your World. What’s different about your neighbourhood?
  • Holidays and Celebrations.
  • Images that show “authenticity.” Perfectly posed pictures of beautiful models are popular, but buyers tell us every day that they also want authenticity. Images need to be inspirational, professional, and of high quality, but people and activities should look natural, relaxed, and “real.”
  • Our cultural diversity.
  • Show local culture.
  • Thoughtful room for text.
  • Images that they can’t find anywhere else.
  • They have both literal and conceptual meaning.
  • Think like an image buyer.
  • Think about concepts and feelings. A smiling person isn’t just “smiling.” He or she might also
  • be conveying “happiness,” “joy,” “delight,” “humour,” or any number of other emotions.

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