Braveart is Namibia’s first-ever royalty-free creative resources website specifically designed for graphic designers, agencies, newsrooms, publishing houses, the press industry and resourceful individuals and content creators looking to boost their creative projects.


Braveart is a platform for creatives to showcase their unique content. Open to photographers, graphic designers and artists, the platform will allow contributors to upload their distinct individual content as a resource tool for use by those in the media industry.


Wholly Namibian owned, Braveart is the brainchild of two Namibian women, both visionary leaders in their respective fields:

  • Susan Nel, a professional photographer who has been capturing moments for over 12 years
  • Nelett Loubser, a graphic designer with over 14 years’ experience in the visual communication industry

Braveart brings an edge to your projects with a strong appeal to local businesses. Our carefully curated photographs portray visually exciting and compelling content relevant to the Namibian context. We illustrate Namibian lifestyle, culture, industry and market through the lens of local Namibian artists. Braveart is an authentic portrayal of life in Namibia, a two-way street for photographers and designers to showcase their portfolios and artistic flair.

Braveart provides a safe and secure platform for Namibian OUR HOPE

visual artists to showcase and sell their work to the creative, publishing and public market seeking niche local content. The platform is easily accessible for both contributors and clients, and a valuable tool to bring together the creative visual industry in Namibia, recognising the growing visual arts industry in the Land of the Brave.


A Site like ours allows buyers to access and explore professional, high-quality resources to reach their media content goals. Despite a growing number of similar websites online, BraveArt is tailored to the need of the Namibian market. Our platform can be your vehicle to reach new creative heights.


Braveart is your creative business partner –

  • to showcase and sell your visual art
  • to purchase stock images to add a Namibian artistic dimension to your next advertising campaign, report, newsletter, advert, presentation and social media content

We pride ourselves in bringing LOCAL content to LOCAL businesses while at the same time, sharing Namibia’s moments with the world. We want Braveart to be a quality resource that enhances the impact of every project, be it business or personal. This platform is for all of us to contribute to, make use of and make it a world-class Namibian resource.